Tomah VA Investigation, Switching From Bernie To Trump, Misplaced Anger In Politics

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Many voters have expressed the desire to see a country go in a new direction, and our guest wonders why based on falling crime rates and higher overall satisfaction among Americans. A columnist joins us to talk about anger in politics. We also talk about whether Bernie Sanders supporters might vote for Donald Trump in November, and look into a new investigation involving the Tomah VA hospital.

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  • Senate Report Finds Failures With Watchdog's Investigation Into Tomah VA Hospital

    A new US Senate report out this week comes to some troubling conclusions about how a Veterans Affairs watchdog agency handled an investigation into the Tomah VA hospital…and the over-prescription of opioids to veterans there. A reporter breaks down the findings.

  • When The Anti-Establishment Left Joined The Anti-Establishment Right

    Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders might be ideologically different, but the two candidates have both tapped into strong populist sentiments. While it seems like the anti-establishment right may have gotten their wish with Trump as Republican frontrunner, the same can’t be said for the left with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the lead. We talk to a guest who says that history may give us reason to believe that the populist left supporting Sanders might join the populist right in supporting Trump if Clinton wins the Democratic nomination.

  • Anger As A Driving Force In Presidential Race

    Anger and fear have been big topics driving this year’s presidential race–with potentially bad consequences, according to a guest who says we may be blowing the challenges facing the United States out of proportion.

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