Tomah VA Doctor Fired, The Hidden Kennedy Daughter, Solutions To The Climate Crisis

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The Climate Change Conference in Paris is coming up next month, and an author believes the Earth is quickly approaching a crisis. He joins us to discuss the conference and explore ideas that will deal with climate change head on. We also learn about Rosemary Kennedy’s time in a Wisconsin institution, and get the latest on the firing of the doctor at the center of the Tomah VA medical center scandal.

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  • Tomah VA Medical Center Doctor Fired

    The doctor at the center of the Tomah VA medical center scandal has been fired for his practice of over-prescribing painkillers and problems with colleagues. A reporter recaps what we know about the story, and what happens next for the medical center.

  • Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter

    Rosemary Kennedy had a significant impact on her influential family, which led to a cultural shift in how people with developmental disabilities are viewed and treated.

  • Searching For Solutions To The Climate Crisis

    At the end of November a United Nations conference in Paris is slated to tackle the question of how much emissions should be lowered in order to keep global temperatures down. The former chief commissioner of the Australian Climate Commission talks about why he is hopeful.

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