Tomah VA 30-Day Plan, Avocado Popularity, History Of Sugar

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The popularity of avocados has exploded over the past five years, but some researches warn that production won’t be able to keep up. We discuss the obstacles the “superfood” faces, and how it affects us. We also learn about the sweet, and not so sweet history of sugar, and hear about the 30-day plan to turn operations around at the Tomah VA Hospital.

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  • A Look At The 30-Day Plan To Turn Around The Tomah VA Hospital

    The Tomah Veterans Affairs Hospital announced this week a 30-day plan to improve operations there. The announcement comes after months of allegations that the center was over-prescribing opiates to veterans, leading to patient deaths, and a culture of fear among hospital employees. A reporter breaks down the plan and the reaction to it so far.

  • The Cost Of America's Love For Avocados

    Americans are wild about avocados, but projections suggest that the fruit’s popularity is unsustainable. A writer discusses the rise of the avocado, and the problems it’s creating in both Mexico and America.

  • What Sugar Made Nice – And Not-So Nice – Over The Span Of Its History

    One human trait that spans time and place is a universal love of sugar and sweet things. Throughout history, man’s tendency toward a sweet tooth has driven art and culture and technology. Unfortunately some of sugar’s history is also bitter-sweet. A look at the sweet and sour of our appetite for sugar.

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