Tobacco Use In Wisconsin, Students Push For Meeting With UW Leader, Disney Princess Films And Their Impact On Kids

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A new study shows male characters in Disney princess movies speak three times more than the females, but how does that affect the kids watching? One of the researchers from the study explains what messages kids are getting from these films. We also learn why a group of students is pushing for a meeting with leaders from the UW system, and look at a new report on tobacco use and control in Wisconsin.

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  • Wisconsin Receives Mixed Grades On Tobacco Control Measures, According To New Report

    A new report from the American Lung Association finds some mixed news when it comes to the state of tobacco control in Wisconsin. While the state fared well when it came to tobacco taxes and smokefree air, Wisconsin got failing grades when it came to tobacco prevention and cessation funding…as well as access to cessation services. A tobacco and policy expert discusses how the state could improve.

  • UW Students Seek Better Diversity Programs

    A group of UW students, frustrated with diversity awareness and inclusion on the UW campuses, have been trying to get a meeting with System President Ray Cross since the fall.

    They’ve asked that the school address it’s “failure of progress on diversity” and that it fund programs to change it. They recently got the opportunity to sit down with the president to talk about their demands. Kenneth Cole, a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and leader of the UW-Blackout Movement talks about his experience.

  • Research On Disney Princess Movies Shows Men Talk More

    New research looking at how often men and women speak in Disney princess movies shows men typically speak a lot more–even in movies from the 90’s, when princesses were pluckier. We talk to one of the lead authors of this research about how it was conducted and what it says about what we teach children about being boys and girls.

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