Tips For Finding Work As An Older Adult, Eviction Moratorium Extended

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Eviction notice on an apartment door
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A career transitions expert offers some advice for older people trying to get back into the workforce after losing jobs during the pandemic. And we discuss what people in Wisconsin should know about the federal evictions moratorium that President Biden extended through the end of March.

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  • Turning Unemployment Into Opportunity As An Older Adult

    While 2020 was a year of record unemployment numbers that included people of all ages and career stages, reentering the workforce as an older adult comes with a unique set of challenges and intimidating factors. We talk with a career transitions expert for advice.

  • Federal Eviction Moratorium Extended Through March

    President Biden signed an order this week to extend the federal moratorium on most evictions through March. A legal expert explains how the ban has affected renters and property owners in Wisconsin, and what to know before it expires.

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