Time management tips, Changing views of autism

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A journalist with autism talks with us about how he hopes to chance perceptions of the condition and make the world a more autism-friendly place. Plus, we consider how accepting that we’ll never get all our work done can help us be better time managers.

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  • In a world of finite time, why are so many of us so bad at managing it?

    We have limited time to live — approximately 4,000 weeks if you live to be 80 — on this planet, so time management is important. We talk with the author of a new book about how to manage your time, beyond cranking out as many work tasks as possible or meal prepping, to make the most of our finite time.

  • Author says we need to reframe the conversation about autism

    The author of a new book on autism, who is himself autistic, says that people on the spectrum do not need to be “fixed;” rather, autism is a part of an individual’s identity. The author joins the show to discuss his thoughts and experiences.

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