Threats Over Green Bay Mask Mandate, Appleton High School Grads Form Anti-Racism Group, Pandemic Impact On Graduate Plans

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Protesters kneel during a Black Lives Matter demonstration
A crowd kneels at the Black Lives Matter protest in Washington, D.C. on June 6, 2020. (Clay Banks/ Unspash)

We get the latest on the death threats against Green Bay officials over the city’s mask ordinance. Then, two young people from Appleton discuss organizing for racial justice and starting a free farmers market. We also find out how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the plans of high school graduates.

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  • A Look At The Threats Against Green Bay Leaders Over Mask Mandate

    Green Bay officials say they’ve been receiving death threats in response to a community-wide mask ordinance that takes effect on Monday. We look at the nature of the threats and explain how the new order works.

  • 2020 High School Grads Organize For Racial Justice In Appleton

    A pair of recent high school graduates from Appleton talk about their plans for future racial justice initiatives, as part of a new organization designed to elevate the voices of marginalized individuals.

  • Survey Shows High School Seniors' Plans Affected By COVID-19

    A national survey of high school seniors who graduated this year shows that many have altered plans for the fall. We’ll find out what changes they are making and why. And a school counselor will share the best ways for adults to support young people in these uncertain times.

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