Threat Of Attack On North Korea, 1A Comes To WPR, Finding Happiness At Work

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After President Trump continued his threats to North Korea today, we talk to a national security expert about the chances of the U.S. launching a nuclear attack against North Korea. As Kathleen Dunn bids farewell to the airwaves, we welcome 1A to the Ideas Network. Host Joshua Johnson talks with us about the issues we can expect to hear on the program and what he thinks about debating in such polarized times. We hear why the secret to being happier at work may be to care a little bit less.

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  • What Are The Chances Of A U.S. Attack On North Korea?

    After threatening North Korea with “fire and fury” if they endangered the U.S., President Trump continued his stern warnings to Pyongyang today. We’ll talk to a national security expert about the chances of a nuclear attack, and if the U.S. would consider striking first.

  • 1A Coming To WPR

    Next week, 1A will start airing on the Ideas Network from 1-3pm on Monday-Thursday. Host Joshua Johnson joins us to talk about what issues we can expect to hear about on the program, and what he thinks about discussing contentious issues in polarized times.

  • Secret To Workplace Happiness: Care Less About It

    A philosopher says we can boost our workplace happiness by caring less about work–and by identifying ourselves less with the job we do.

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  • Dean Knetter Producer
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