The literature of war, Asbestos ban, Immigration

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Red caution tape on Zach Skrede's property says 'Danger Asbestos Hazard'
Caution tape on Zach Skrede’s property in the town of Easton, in Adams County, Wis., is seen on Oct. 10, 2022, warning about the presence of asbestos. Coburn Dukehart/Wisconsin Watch

We explore the relationship between conflict and literature, ask why it took so long to ban asbestos, and look into Americans’ number-one concern this election: immigration.

Featured in this Episode

  • War and literature

    The book is one of humanity’s greatest inventions; war is one of its worst. But the two are more interconnected than we think. We talk to the author of a new book about the role books have played in conflicts around the globe throughout history.

  • EPA bans asbestos

    The Environmental Protection Agency fully banned asbestos earlier this month. A partial ban was enacted in 1989 but largely overturned in a 1991 appeal. An expert explains why the substance has remained in use in spite of its known status as a carcinogen.

  • Immigration is Americans' top concern

    Immigration has become the top concern in opinion polls for the first time since 2019. We talk to a political scientist about how voters decide what problems are most important to them, even if the issue doesn’t affect them directly.

Episode Credits

  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Andrew Pettegree Guest
  • Crispin Pierce Guest
  • Kristina LaPlant Guest
  • Tim Peterson Executive Producer
  • Beatrice Lawrence Producer
  • Colleen Leahy Producer
  • Lorin Cox Producer
  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director

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