Tensions Over Trade, Wisconsin Girl Throws Birthday Parties For Homeless Kids, School Safety Committe Won’t Study Guns

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Formed after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the Federal Commission on School Safety has stated that studying guns and their relation to gun violence in schools is not explicitly part of the committees duties. We find out more about the committee’s role from an expert. We also hear from one young Wisconsin resident who has made it her mission to give kids without a home a little joy in the form of birthdays. We also discuss the recent G7 summit, where tensions between the US and its allies made headlines.

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  • Examining The Tensions Over Trade Following The G7 Summit

    Following the weekend’s G7 summit in Canada, President Donald Trump said that when it comes to trade, the U.S. is treated like “the piggy bank that everybody is robbing,” and vowed to end the practice. And in response to Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned of retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods. Our guest explains why he says world leaders failed to take Trump at his word on trade and now they’re in a bind.

  • Guns' Role In School Violence Not Being Investigated By Federal Panel

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, the chair of a commission on school safety, recently told a Senate subcommittee that the panel is not looking into the role of guns in school shootings. Rather, it’s investigating other factors, including violent video games and other media as well as news coverage of mass shootings. Our guest discusses his ideas to prevent school shootings.

  • Manitowoc Teenager Making A Difference For Homeless Kids

    Since she was just nine years old, Manitowoc’s Lia Haile has been throwing unique birthday parties for children at the city’s homeless shelter. Now, the idea has grown into the Hopeful Hearts Club, which includes food drives, packs of school supplies, and parties of all sorts. She joins us to talk about her work.

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