Teens And Alcohol, Police Not Carrying Naloxone

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Naloxone rescue kit
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We take a look at the relationship between Wisconsin teens and alcohol, in our series, High Tolerance. Then we discuss the issue of police carrying, or not carrying, the drug Naloxone that’s used in opioid overdose situations.

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  • Wisconsin's Teen Drinking Rate Falls, Still Above National Average

    About 65 percent of Wisconsin high school students report having consumed an alcoholic beverage at least once. We discuss how teenagers most often obtain alcohol and what laws and enforcement strategies are proven to curb teen drinking.

  • What We Know About The Effectiveness Of Arming Police With Naloxone

    Data from the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition shows that, despite a growing public awareness, most police forces in the country don’t carry the opioid overdose-reversing drug Naloxone. We talk to an expert about why that is, and what we know about how effective Naloxone is when police use it.

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