Teaching Police About Use Of Force, Behind The Scenes At American Player’s Theater, Sweeping Changes Proposed For Milwaukee Public Schools

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A Wisconsin Public Radio news reporter has spent the past two months with a class of police recruits. In a time of heightened tensions between the community and law enforcement, she shares how the Madison Police Department recruits are trained to use force. We also hear about what it takes to bring Shakespeare to life onstage at the American Player’s Theater, and look at sweeping changes to Milwaukee’s Public Schools proposed by its Superintendent, Dr. Darrienne Driver.

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  • Amid High Tensions, Madison Police Recruits Learn About Use Of Force

    Relations between police and communities have been tense after high-profile police-involved shootings in the last few years. We talk to a WPR reporter who is embedding with the Madison Police Academy about how use of force is taught to new police recruits.

  • Behind The Scenes At American Players Theater

    American Players Theater in Spring Green, Wisconsin has been called “the best classical theater company in America.” Our guest followed along with APT for a season. He joins us to talk about what it takes to bring Shakespeare to life.

  • Superintendent Proposes Sweeping Changes To Milwaukee's Public Schools

    Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Darienne Driver this week proposed sweeping measures to improve the district’s public schools. A look at the proposals, which include addressing problems at low-performing schools and making Milwaukee Public Schools the city’s sole chartering authority.

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