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Martin Luther King Jr. at the courthouse in Hayneyville, Alabama
In this March 1, 1965 file photo, registrar Carl Golson shakes a finger at the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during meeting at the courthouse in Hayneyville, Ala. King inquired about voter registration procedures but Golson told him that if he was not a prospective voter in Lowndes county, “It’s none of your business.” King visited two nearby counties after leading a voter registration drive in Selma. Horace Cort/AP Photo

We learn about what is in Wisconsin education bills about teaching racism and civil rights, with the help of a history professor. Then, we learn about a new PBS program featuring educational materials on important figures in Wisconsin history. Later, a journalist from the Associated Press joins us to break down their investigation into voter fraud allegations in battleground states like Wisconsin

Featured in this Show

  • The importance of how we teach about the civil rights movement and racism

    As proposed legislation regarding how civil rights and racism are taught in Wisconsin schools moves through the legislature, we discuss some of what’s in these bills with an expert in education and history.

  • 'Wisconsin Biographies' from PBS a resource for teachers around the state

    An online resource from PBS Wisconsin aims to help teachers educate their classrooms about Wisconsinites who made history, from environmentalism, to civil rights and more. We hear from one of the creators about who’s profiled and the materials available to teachers.

  • New AP investigation looking into voter fraud in Wisconsin and five other battleground states

    A new investigation from the Associated Press looked at all possible cases of reported voter fraud across six battleground states in the 2020 election and found less than 475 cases, or about 0.15 percent of the margin President Joe Biden won by in those states collectively. We talk to the investigation’s lead reporter about what she found, and the response she got from former President Donald Trump.

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