Teacher retention, Kohl’s considering acquisition offers, Hibernation research

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A new poll shows more than half of teachers are considering quitting their jobs. We talk with an education expert about what it would take to keep more people in the profession. We also hear about new research at UW-Madison investigating how squirrels maintain muscle density while they hibernate. Plus, the latest on how Kohl’s is reacting to offers to acquire the company.

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  • Teachers want to quit — and there aren't enough people to replace them

    A new poll found that more than half of teachers want to quit. And when they do leave, there aren’t always new hires to replace them; enrollment in education programs is down. We take a look at the state of the teaching profession, and why so many educators want to leave.

  • Kohl's rejects unsolicited offers to buy company, reviewing other possible offers

    Menominee Falls-based Kohl’s has rejected a takeover bid by activist investors, but says it’s entertaining other “expressions of interest” in ownership of the company. We break down the latest, and talk about what new owners could mean for the company’s Wisconsin workforce.

  • What UW researchers have been learning about hibernating animals

    The author of a new study looking at how squirrels maintain muscle density while hibernating talks about what her team found, and how the results could be used to help people with degenerative disorders or astronauts.

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