Talks continue over Russian border, Free at-home COVID tests coming

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President Biden greets President Putin
Russian president Vladimir Putin, left, talks with U.S. President Joe Biden, right, during the U.S. – Russia summit in Geneva, Switzerland, Wednesday, June 16, 2021. Peter Klaunzer/Swiss Federal Office of Foreign Affairs via AP

An editor in Washington D.C. brings us the latest from the Biden administration’s talks with Russia over the Ukraine border. Then, we learn about how anyone can start getting free at-home COVID-19 tests and how to use them as we’re joined by a scientist.

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  • Week in Washington: January 12, 2022

    The Biden administration is engaging in talks with Russia as the country continues to build up troops on its border with Ukraine. We’ll hear what happened, and catch up on other top stories from the nation’s capitol.

  • Insurance companies soon have to cover at-home COVID-19 tests. Here's how to use them.

    Starting this weekend, insurers will have to provide eight free at-home tests per month to clients who request them. A scientist joins the program to explain how to get your free tests and how to best use them.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
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