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sibling rivalry
Ohmann Alianne (BY-NC-ND)

We talk with a language expert about the best ways to learn a new one. We also look at the role siblings play in child development. Plus, ways to start conversations that don’t revolve around work.

Featured in this Episode

  • Taking our jobs off the conversational table

    “What do you do for a living” is a common conversation starter when we meet new people. A guest makes the case that we can have better conversations by focusing on different parts of our identities outside of our work lives.

  • How language unlocks our brain's potential

    Even if you haven’t learned a second traditional language, you are probably still fluent in more than one type of communication. We talk with a language expert about how math, poetry, and other ways of thinking unleash the brain in the same way as learning a language in school.

  • The role of siblings in child development

    Adolescents with siblings experience childhood differently than someone who is an only child. An expert on child development and familial bonds joins us to look at how these different relationships shape us.

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