Taking More Candid Family Photos, New York City’s Relationship With Frank Lloyd Wright, Workers Strike Over Coronavirus Protections

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A family sitting in red chairs on a green lawn
Photo courtesy of Washburn County Tourism/James Netz Photography

A photographer and artist from the Midwest joins us to talk about the value of photographing everyday moments in life. Then we learn about how the Big Apple influenced the legacy of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. And we look at the issues behind worker strikes at Amazon, Instacart and Whole Foods.

Featured in this Show

  • Why You Should Consider Taking More Candid Family Photos

    We talk with a Midwestern photographer about her bodies of work capturing ordinary family moments, like a wave goodbye in the driveway, and what kind of value they hold for her.

  • How New York City Helped Frank Lloyd Wright Achieve Fame

    One wouldn’t call groundbreaking architect Frank Lloyd Wright New York City’s biggest fan, but the city helped catapult Wright to stardom. We talk to an architect and historian about the relationship between the Wisconsin architect and NYC.

  • Workers Strike Over Lack Of Coronavirus Safeguards

    Some Whole Foods employees are calling for a nationwide “sick out” Tuesday, demanding more protections against COVID-19 and higher wages. This follows one-day strikes by Amazon and Instacart workers. We look at issues facing workers on the front lines of the pandemic, their employers and consumers.

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  • John Munson Host
  • Natalie Guyette Producer
  • J. Carlisle Larsen Producer
  • Bill Martens Producer
  • Deanna Dikeman Guest
  • Anthony Alofsin Guest
  • Erin Hatton Guest

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