Tackling The State’s Achievement Gap, Eau Claire Baseball, Our Last Invention

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Will artificial intelligence be our last invention? Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert speak with a guest who says artificial intelligence may actually be a threat to humanity. Then they explore baseball culture in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and talk with the leader of a new task force, charged with tackling the state’s achievement gap.

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  • Task Force To Tackle Racial Achievement Gap In Wisconsin's Schools

    State superintendent Tony Evers announced this week the creation of a task force to tackle the state’s racial achievement gap. The leader of that group discusses his plans for trying to close that gap.

  • Curious Wisconsin – Eau Claire's Baseball Heritage

    Baseball season kicks off this week. And while you might not think of western Wisconsin as a hotbed for baseball, many of the game’s greats got their start in Eau Claire, like Hank Aaron, Joe Torre, Bob Uecker and others. A writer discusses the city of Eau Claire’s contributions to Major League Baseball.

  • Rise Of The Machines? Artifical Intelligence And The Threat To Humanity

    We rely on ever-increasing amounts of computer intelligence, from book and movie selections to dating to the stock market–but could ever-smarter machines eventually pose a threat to humans? An author explores concerns about artifical intelligence as a threat to humankind’s future.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
  • Chris Malina Producer
  • Demond Means Guest
  • Jerry Poling Guest
  • James Barrat Guest

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