Syrian Use Of Sarin Gas Confirmed, Wisconsin’s Big City Divide, Pho Friday

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A global watchdog group confirmed that sarin gas was use during an April attack on Syrian citizens. We hear how the findings could affect U.S. policy toward the Assad regime. A perceived divide between Milwaukee and Madison and the rest of Wisconsin has been a political talking point for years, and is now affecting talks about the next Democratic candidate for Governor. We talk with a guest who says a candidate’s energy and message, not their hometown, is what matters. We also learn about cooking Pho, a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup.

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  • Use Of Sarin Gas Confirmed In Syrian Chemical Attack

    An international watchdog group has confirmed that sarin gas was used in a deadly attack on Syrian citizens in April. An expert on global diplomacy shares how the findings might affect U.S. policy in the Syrian civil war.

  • Are Candidates From Madison Or Milwaukee At A Disadvantage?

    We talk with a Madison Alderman about the perceived political divide between Wisconsin’s two biggest cities and the rest of the state, something that’s shaping talks about the next Democratic candidate for governor. He says the questions voters care about are universal and that a candidate’s passion, not their hometown, should determine their viability.

  • Food Friday: Pho

    We learn all about Pho, a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup.

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