SWAT Teams In America, Corporal Punishment Debate, TMWYK: How To Stop Procrastinating

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What started as a small, special operations unit in Los Angeles now has teams spread all over the United States. We speak with a reporter about the rise of the SWAT team around the country. Then, we’ll look at the current debate over corporal punishment in America, and in Teach Me What You Know, we learn how to stop procrastinating.

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  • One Expert's Advice On How To Beat Procrastination

    Some people have a novel they plan to write while others have a garage that needs cleaning or a dissertation that needs finishing. Whatever the project, procrastination can be major roadblock when it comes to getting things done or realizing dreams.

    That’s where Samantha Bennett, the author of the book “Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day,” comes in.

    Bennett said that one big reasons people don’t finish the things they want to do to is simple: fear. Whether it’s a fear of success, a fear of failure or a fear of investing a lot of time in a lost cause, it’s a response that Bennett thinks is an inherent part of taking on projects that matter.

    What’s more, she sees it as a good thing.

    “It’s a sign of your genius,” she said. “You have this idea that will not leave you alone.”

    The important first step in fighting procrastination, said Bennet, is forcing yourself to begin.

    “We all have projects that are really close to our hearts, that really matter to us,” she said. “And somehow every single day we get everything done for everybody else, and that writing project, that photography project, that clutter-clearing project … it keeps going undone.”

    Bennett’s solution for making ideas into reality is simple: Just spent 15 minutes a day working on a project, whatever that may be. She advises making that time for a project early in the day before checking email or delving into the rest of a routine. The act of engaging with a project, even if only in bite-sized chunks, will bring someone closer to the goal, said Bennett.

    “It’s jaw-dropping how much work you can actually get done in 15 minutes, even if it’s just doodling or daydreaming or staring at a blank piece of paper,” said Bennett.

    She that when people do something every day, it’s not necessary to succeed on the first try.

    “When you know you are doing it every single day, it takes off that pressure of perfectionism,” she said.

    Bennett said that she has clients who have written novels in 15-minute chunks, or have organized their entire homes.

  • The Rise Of SWAT Teams In The United States

    What started as a small, special operations unit in Los Angeles now has teams spread all over the United States. A reporter looks at the rise of the SWAT team in the United States, and why many are calling into question their function.

  • Adrian Peterson Child Abuse Charges Reignite Debate Over Corporal Punishment

    Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings is in the spotlight after being indicted on child abuse charges in Texas, after allegedly beating his son with a switch. The case has reignited the debate over the use of corporal punishment to discipline kids. An expert on parenting and discipline talks about how common the pratice is, and what might be the long-term outcomes.

  • Teach Me What You Know: How To Beat Procrastination

    Are you suffering from “put-it-off-till-later” syndrome? A writer, actor, comedian and super-organizer shares how to snap from inaction into action and from procrastination to creative genius in less than 15 minutes a day.

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