Superheroes Reflecting Diversity, Drugged Driving

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The world of superheroes has become more diverse in recent years. We talk about why it’s important of young people of color, women and girls, and people with varying levels of ability to see superhero characters that resemble them. And we find out what’s behind the rise in the number of cases of drugged driving in Wisconsin.

Featured in this Show

  • Why It's Important For Superheroes To Reflect Diversity

    The world of comics and movie superheroes has become more diverse in recent years, and our guest says that for his Native American students and others, it’s important to see themselves reflected in those larger than life characters.

  • Transportation Officials See A Rise In Drugged Driving In Wisconsin

    Transportation officials say that while there was a drop in drunk driving in Wisconsin in the last ten years, the number of drugged drivers has risen in the same period. A member of Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation tells us what’s behind the trend.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
  • Judith Siers-Poisson Producer
  • J. Carlisle Larsen Producer
  • Haleema Shah Producer
  • Ryan Winn Guest
  • David Pabst Guest

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