Studying The Classics, Labor Board Decision On Bargaining Rights, UW System Prepares For First Day Of Class After Challenging Summer

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A federal labor board recently granted more bargaining powers to employees that are part of franchises or find work through temp agencies. Our guest labor expert explains the decision, and how it will affect workers and companies. We also get the story behind a resurgence in studying the Classics in college, and we talk to a higher education reporter about how the University of Wisconsin System is preparing for the first day of fall class after a tumultuous summer of budget cuts.

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  • Movies, Television Spurring Interest in the Classics

    UW Professor Andrew Porter says that popular movies and TV shows are reigniting interest in his Classics courses. We find out what this means for the long-term future of the Humanities.

  • Labor Board Grants More Bargaining Rights To Employees Of Franchises And Independent Contractors

    The National Labor Relations Board voted Thursday in favor of giving employees greater rights to bargain with their employers, which means fast food workers could bargain with an overarching corporation as opposed to a single franchise. A labor reporter joins us to talk about the ruling, and look at what will happen next.

  • UW System Prepares For First Day Of Class After A Tumultuous Summer

    This summer has been difficult for the University of Wisconsin System, after the legislature cut the university’s budget by $250 million over the next two years. Lawmakers also included unexpected language changes into law, like a provision that allows campuses to lay off tenured faculty in some instances. A higher education reporter talks about how the UW System is dealing with these challenges as they prepare for fall classes to begin.

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