Student Loan Changes, Defining The Defense Production Act, What Coronavirus Means For Wisconsin’s Primary

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A woman walks between voting booths at the Landtn Thiel 470 VFW post as citizens take to the polls to cast their votes for the Wisconsin’s primary Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2008, in the Village of Saukville Wis. Darren Hauck/AP Photo

A law professor helps explain a law that could enable the president to speed up manufacturing to assist with the coronavirus crisis. We also discuss what could happen if Wisconsin changes, delays or proceeds with its April 7 primary. Plus, we look at recent changes to student loan collection.

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  • What To Know About Changes To Student Loans During Coronavirus Pandemic

    The Department of Education is making changes to its loan policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a halt on collecting defaulted loans. We find out what else is happening, what it means for due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We find out what else is happening and how it affects borrowers.

  • Coronavirus And Wisconsin's April Election

    Wisconsin has an election coming up on April 7, and there’s been a flurry of questions about how the coronavirus outbreak will affect it. We talk to a political scientist and voting expert about the legal issues at stake with changing or delaying the election, or having it go on as scheduled.

  • What Is The Defense Production Act?

    There have been calls for President Trump to use a law known as the Defense Production Act to deal with supply shortages related to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. But what, exactly, is it? We talk to a law professor about the powers it gives the president, and the debate about whether it’s needed now.

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