Stop And Frisk Lawsuit In Milwaukee, Dealing With Difficult People

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The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department, saying that police have been operating under a “stop and frisk” policy that unfairly targets minorities. We discuss the suit and where relations with the police stand in the city. From nosy coworkers to selfish friends, we all have difficult people in our lives. A psychologist and self-proclaimed difficult person shares the best ways to deal with them.

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  • A Closer Look At Stop And Frisk And The ACLU's Lawsuit Against Milwaukee Police

    A federal lawsuit filed this week by the American Civil Liberties Union takes aim at the Milwaukee Police Department over what they say is the department’s illegal use of ‘stop-and-frisk’ practices, specifically targeting the city’s minority residents. A law and criminal justice expert looks at the case, as well as how similar situations around the nation have played out.

  • Tips On Dealing With Difficult People…From A Difficult Person

    We’ve all dealt with a difficult person in our lives. The kind of person at work who routinely shoots down your ideas, points out your flaws, or resorts to all kinds of tactics to get his or her way. So how can we deal with these people in a more peaceful way? A psychologist and self-proclaimed “difficult person” weighs in.

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