State of Working Wisconsin, Badger Hockey Coach To Lead Olympic Squad, Pet Ownership

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A Wisconsin think tank has released its latest “State of Working Wisconsin” report. We find out how employment and labor trended in the past year. The head coach of the University of Wisconsin men’s hockey team was recently selected to coach the U.S. squad at the Olympics. He joins us to share Olympic memories and his hopes for 2018. We also discuss the ethics of pet ownership amidst growing research on the emotional lives of animals.

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  • COWS Release The 'State Of Working Wisconsin' Report For 2017

    Wisconsin-based think tank COWS has released their latest “State of Working Wisconsin” report. We speak with Laura Dresser, Associate Director of COWS, about what headway the state has made in the last year.

  • Badger Hockey Coach Chosen To Lead Olympic Team

    The head coach of the University of Wisconsin men’s hockey program will also be leading the U.S. squad at next year’s Winter Olympics! He joins us to talk about his Olympic memories and Wisconsin’s rich hockey heritage.

  • The Ethics Of Having Pets

    As research grows about the complex emotional lives of animals, our guest says questions are piling up about the ethics of having pets.

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