The State Of UW-Milwaukee, Monarch Butterly Habitat In Wisconsin, Giving Tuesday

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The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is facing a $40 million budget deficit, and officials are having trouble finding where to cut costs. Our guest discusses the value of regional public universities, and the changes UWM could face in the near future. We also learn about new efforts to develop monarch butterfly habitat in Wisconsin. Then we talk to a guest from United Way of Dane County about Giving Tuesday.

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  • Milwaukee Leaders Challenged To Weigh In On Future Of UW-Milwaukee

    As UW-Milwaukee faces and uncertain budget future, a guest makes the case that the campus is vital to the region’s economic future–and local leaders need to have a conversation about the institution, its role, and what the future holds.

  • Developing Wisconsin's Monarch Butterfly Habitat

    Wisconsin is among the states receiving grant money from the federal goverment to help restore habitat for monarch butterflies. We’ll talk about plans for the new effort and how it could help the monarch population.

  • Tips For Giving Tuesday

    This Tuesday is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated globally to philanthropic giving. On Giving Tuesday, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students worldwide come together to celebrate generosity and to give. We talk to a guest from United Way of Dane County about tips for Giving Tuesday.

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