State Of The Tribes Address Recap, Inmate Shackled During Childbirth Files Suit, Antiques Roadshow Comes To Wisconsin

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The president of the Stockbridge-Munsee tribe delivers the 2017 State of the Tribes address to the state legislature and constitutional officers today. We get a recap of the speech and look ahead to challenges and opportunities facing Wisconsin’s native people. A woman who was incarcerated in the Milwaukee County jail was shackled while giving birth. Her attorney shares the grounds for the case, and why it may have potential as a class action lawsuit. And PBS favorite Antiques Roadshow is coming to Green Bay! We find out what goes into producing the show, and how you can apply to get tickets to the show.

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  • Analysis Of The 2017 State Of The Tribes Address

    Tuesday Stockbridge-Munsee tribe President Shannon Holsey will deliver the 2017 State of the Tribes address to the state legislature and constitutional officers. Two guests share their analysis of the speech and issues facing Native Americans in the coming year.

  • Woman Files Lawsuit After Being Shackled While Giving Birth At Milwaukee County Jail

    A woman recently filed a lawsuit against Milwaukee County alleging that she was shackled while giving birth at the county jail because of a policy requiring inmates to remain shackled while hospitalized. We talk to the woman’s attorney about the lawsuit, which is seeking class action status.

  • 'Antiques Roadshow' Coming To Green Bay This Summer

    On June 17, the “Antiques Roadshow” will be coming to Green Bay! We’ll speak with the show’s Executive Producer about how the show has changed over the years and why it remains popular.

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