State Treasurer Candidate Travis Hartwig, Why More Women Don’t Win Science Nobel Prizes, Challenges Facing Voters Across The Country

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Donna Strickland just became the third woman in history to win a Nobel Prize in Physics for her work in developing ultrafast high-intensity lasers.
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Canadian professor Donna Strickland just won a Nobel Prize in physics, making her only the third woman in the history of the Nobel to win one. We learn what things are working for women in science and what may be holding them back from having their efforts recognized equally. We also hear that while voter turnout is expected to be high, there are still a number of issues voters face when heading to the polls. And we hear from state treasurer candidate Travis Hartwig.

Featured in this Show

  • State Treasurer Candidate Interview: Travis Hartwig

    In our series of interviews with candidates for State Treasurer, we speak with businessperson Travis Hartwig. He is running as a Republican in the November 6 general election against Democrat Sarah Godlewski and Constitution Party candidate Andrew Zuelke.

  • Voting Challenges Ahead Of The November Election

    Election Day is only a few weeks away and voter turnout for this midterm election is expected to be high. But there have been a number of issues facing voters in the last few weeks. We’ll talk to Kathleen Dolan, Political Science Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, about challenges to voters in North Dakota, Georgia, and in Wisconsin.

  • Women In Science: What's Working, What's Not

    Only three percent of science Nobels have gone to women since the first awarding of Nobel prizes in 1901. While more women are seeking and finding careers in the STEM field, representation is still low and the Nobel prize winners prompts a worthwhile discussion. We talk to a professor and researcher about why equal representation in STEM is still lagging.

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