State of the State Recap, Mexicans In Wisconsin, Why Sleep Matters

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Governor Walker delivered his State of the State address this afternoon. State Capitol Bureau Chief Shawn Johnson bring us up to speed. We learn about the history of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in Wisconsin, and a sleep researcher shares why getting enough sleep is as important as eating well and exercising.

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  • Recap Of The State Of The State Address

    Governor Walker gave his State of the State address today. WPR Capitol Bureau Chief Shawn Johnson shares the highlights.

  • The History And Experiences Of Mexicans In Wisconsin

    It’s common to think of the Mexican presence in Wisconsin as a recent development, but people from Mexico, and Mexican-Americans from border states have been enriching our state’s culture and history for more than a century. The author of a new book on Mexicans in Wisconsin shares the story of what brought them here, and the thriving social and religious communities that they founded.

  • The Importance Of Sleep

    New research has revealed that sleep is just as important as diet and exercise for good health and disease prevention. But most Americans routinely cheat themselves out of the necessary shut-eye. We find out why sleep plays such a critical role in our well-being, how it changes during different life stages, and what to do if the right amount of sleep eludes you.

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