State Senate Activity, Importance of Drawing, Death With Dignity

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Can doodling and drawing make kids better learners? A local cartoonist explains the power behind art that benefits all students. We also get the latest on GAB and campaign finance reforms in the state senate, and learn more about the “death with dignity” movement.

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  • GAB And Campaign Finance Overhauls Expected Friday

    WPR state government reporter, Shawn Johnson join us to discuss the news that Wisconsin state senators plan to take up the Government Accountability Board (GAB) and Campaign Finance bills passed by the Assembly two weeks ago. The bills dismantle the GAB, and allow for unlimited corporate contributions to political parties.

  • Cartoonist Lynda Barry Talks The Inspiration Of Children And The Power of Drawing

    Cartoonist Lynda Barry has a new exhibit at the Madison Children’s Museum called “Drawing Fast and Slow.” She joins us to talk about why children inspire her, the power of drawing and the stories behind some of her new creations.

  • The Death With Dignity Movement

    A young woman named Brittany Maynard recently became the face of the “death with dignity” movement, which advocates allowing terminally ill people to take medication to die on their own terms. One of the leaders of the movement makes the case for having this type of care across the country.

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