State Prison Issues, UW And State Taking On Achievement Gap, DOJ Investigates Milwaukee Police

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An investigative report has shown misconduct allegations in state prisons have increased the last few years, and some are questioning whether the system is developing a problem. An investigative reporter gives us the latest on this issue. Then we learn how researchers at UW-Madison are teaming up with a state agency to take on Wisconsin’s achievement gap, and discuss the Department of Justice’s investigation into the Milwaukee Police Department.

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  • Do Wisconsin Prisons Have A Misconduct Problem?

    Broad claims of increasing misconduct in Wisconsin’s prison system have surfaced recently on the heels of an investigation into misconduct at a juvenile detention facility. We’re joined by an Investigative reporter who is looking into the claims.

  • UW-Madison, State Team Up To Tackle Achievement Gap

    The achievement gap has been a persistent problem in Wisconsin’s schools, and now the state and UW-Madison are teaming up to try to find an answer. Our guests from the Department of Public Instruction and UW’s Center for Education Research explain why they’re optimistic about the partnership’s ability to close the gap.

  • DOJ Will Review Milwaukee Police Department

    On the heels of the mistrial declared in the trial of one of the officers in the death of Freddie Gray, the Department of Justice agreed to the voluntary investigation of the Milwaukee Police Department at the request of Chief Ed Flynn. A criminal justice expert and journalist join us to discuss Police Department investigations.

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