State Of Post-Election Politics And Trump’s Lawsuits, How Sports Are Continuing Despite Pandemic Surge

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Trump supporters stand on a ledge holding Trump signs and U.S. flags
Supporters of President Donald Trump hold flags as they gather outside the Wisconsin State Capitol on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020. Angela Major/WPR

We check in on where various lawsuits challenging the results of the 2020 election stand, and talk to a political scientist about important dates in the electoral process between now and inauguration day in January. And a sports columnist joins us to look at how various sports have been managing their seasons despite a pandemic that has only intensified nationwide.

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  • 'Safe Harbor' Deadline Arrives While Trump's Legal Election Challenges Continue To Fail

    December 8 marks the date when states should have certified their elections. We talk about where things stand in the presidential election, and the state of President Trump’s ongoing legal efforts to overturn 2020’s results.

  • A Check On How Sports Leagues Are Dealing With COVID-19

    As cases and deaths of COVID-19 surge across the United States, sports leagues are trying to plow ahead. We look at how the pandemic has disrupted the NFL, as well as college football and basketball, and how they’re planning on dealing with the ongoing crisis.

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