State News Roundup, WPR Centennial, Trump’s Actions On Health Care

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President Trump signed an executive order yesterday allowing individuals and small businesses to buy cheaper health insurance plans with fewer protections. We get the details and hear why critics say it could have negative ripple effects for the industry. We also check in on the top Wisconsin stories of the week, including a reorganization of the University of Wisconsin System’s college campuses. An historian also stops by to look back at 100 years of Wisconsin Public Radio!

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  • WPR's Centennial Year

    WPR is celebrated its 100th birthday this year! We look back at 100 years of radio in the making.

  • White House Takes Action Against Affordable Care Act

    President Donald Trump a decided to end subsidy payments to health insurance companies, a move that NPR reports is expected to increase premiums for middle-class families and cost hundreds of billions of dollars for the federal government. The move was the second action taken against the Affordable Care Act insurance markets Thursday, with the president also signing an executive order directing the U.S. Department of Labor to make it easier for groups of employers to come together with a goal of offering insurance. In some cases, groups may be able to buy coverage across state lines.

    Meanwhile, critics of these moves are calling this a deliberate campaign to destabilize markets with the hope of forcing Congress to repeal the ACA. We talk with a health policy analyst about the affects of these actions plus look at the challenges ahead.

    Do you support the president’s actions involving the ACA’s insurance markets? Why or why not? Will these moves affect your family? How? Be a part of our conversation by emailing, posting on the Ideas Network Facebook page and tweeting at @centraltimewpr.

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