State News Roundup, UW Adaptive Physical Activities, Public Perception Of Sexual Assault

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New data show that African-American voter turnout in Wisconsin decreased by nearly one-fifth in 2016. We look into that and other Wisconsin stories during out state news roundup. We also learn about a program at the University of Wisconsin that’s helping those with physical disabilities lead active lifestyles. Plus, after a string of celebrity sexual harassment and assault allegations have surfaced in recent weeks, we discuss whether public views on victims and perpetrators are changing.

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  • State News Roundup For November 10, 2017

    There was a lot of election news this week, with Governor Scott Walker announcing he’s running for a third term. There were also elections across the country on Tuesday. It was a successful night for Democrats, which prompted the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to add more districts to their list of battlegrounds for next year’s midterms. One of those additions is Wisconsin’s First District, represented by House Speaker Paul Ryan. A news editor joins us to talk about this district as a battleground and other top Wisconsin news from the past week.

  • Campus Adapted Fitness Program Helps People With Disabilities Maintain Active Lifestyles

    The UW-Madison Adapted fitness program is run through the university’s Department of Kinesiology and helps people with all kinds of disabilities maintain active lifestyles. We talk to a student volunteer for the program about how the benefits of this class reach beyond the clients who are enrolled.

  • As Victims Speak Up, Will We Approach Sexual Harassment And Assault Differently?

    In recent weeks, the list of high-profile men who have committed and been accused of sexual harassment, assault, and other misconduct has grown. We talk to an expert on sexual harassment about whether we are seeing a shift in how the public views victims and perpetrators, and where we go from here.

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