State News Roundup, Lack Of Coroners And Medical Examiners, What The Economy Looks Like For Those With Only Some High School Or College Education

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Our roundup of Wisconsin news includes a boat builder in Superior that landed a contract with the U.S. Navy. Then we learn about a nationwide lack of medical examiners and coroners, and how that problem could be resolved. And we discuss economic outlooks for people with only some higher education.

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  • State News Roundup – February 28, 2020

    A Superior boat builder has landed a five-year contract to build patrol boats for the US Navy. We find out more about the deal. We also learn about Oconto County’s investment in two new sites for anglers along the Oconto River. Plus, an update on the effort to revive a nurses’ union at UW Hospital.

  • A Look At The Shortage Of Medical Examiners Across The Country

    Our guest says there are huge areas of the country that lack ready access to autopsies or trained death investigators – and the opioid epidemic is making the shortage even worse. We talk about why the problem exists and how governments are dealing with it.

  • The Economic Outlook For Workers With Some College Education

    For many young people, there is a growing expectation to graduate from college with at least a four-year degree. But a big share of the American workforce also includes workers with only some college and no degree. We take a closer look at that slice of workers and talk about their economic outlook.

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