State News Roundup, Democratic Transgender Bathroom Bill, Wisconsin’s ‘Fast Girl’

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Wisconsin’s Suzy Favor Hamilton was an Olympian and local hero until her second life brought it all down. She joins us to talk about her experiences, and coming to terms with an undiagnosed mental illness. We also get the latest on the state’s biggest news stories this week, and discuss a Democratic lawmaker’s proposal to confront the issue of transgender student bathroom use in schools.

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  • State News Roundup For October 16, 2015

    A state news editor gives us the latest on some controversial bills in the Wisconsin legislature and other headlines from around the state this week.

  • State Democrats Create Their Own Transgender Bathroom Bill In Opposition To GOP Plan

    Two Democratic lawmakers have created their own bill that would form school policies on transgender student bathroom use. This proposal comes after state Republicans put forth their own plan for this issue. One of the authors of the Democratic bill joins us to discuss why they think their legislation is better.

  • Wisconsin's Suzy Favor Hamilton On Running, Scandal and Mental Illness

    Wisconsin athlete Suzy Favor Hamilton was a three time Olympian and a local hero. Then news broke that she lived a second life as a professional escort in Las Vegas. She joins us to talk about how her need for excitement and personal affirmation led to national scandal and ultimately, a coming to terms with the mental illness that had gone undiagnosed for years.

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