The State Of Milwaukee, A Doctor’s Guide To A Better Appointment, How Corporations Got Access To Civil Rights

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A new book called “We The Corporations” examines the over two-hundred year battle of corporate personhood and the road to political power. We also get suggestions from a doctor about getting the most out of your visits. And, we look at what Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett had to say in his annual ‘State of the City’ speech.

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  • Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Lays Out Successes, New Initiatives In 'State Of The City' Address

    Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett delivered his “State of the City” address this morning. He used the opportunity to lay out the city’s successes in the past year, but also to announce new initiatives…including one aimed at bringing thousands of new, affordable housing units to the heart of the city. A reporter breaks down what the mayor had to say.

  • How To Get The Most Out Of A Doctor's Appointment

    Sometimes all of the tiny things you do before getting to see the actual doctor can be overwhelming. One doctor has written a guide to getting the most out of your appointment with the perspective of the patient and the physician in mind.

  • How Corporations Got Access To Civil Rights

    In some significant legal ways, corporations are people in the United States–and even have access to civil rights protections. But it wasn’t inevitable that corporate personhood would become a reality. The author of the new book “We The Corporations” looks at the history and consequences of a long-running corporate rights movement.

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