State Legislative Update, Earth’s Five Extinctions, Few Women In Trump Administration

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There are very few women that hold top positions in the Trump Administration. A professor of politics is with us to discuss how that may affect the policies coming from the White House. Earth has experienced five mass extinction, all reshaping life across the globe in a different way. We find out about each one and what we might be able to expect for the future. Plus, an update on votes in the Wisconsin legislature today.

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  • State Senate Signs Off On Numerous Pieces Of Legislation

    The state Senate passed a number of resolutions yesterday ranging from new carjacking penalties to a new bill allowing home bakers to sell their goods. We’ll speak with Jessie Opoien of the Capital Times about the bills.

  • The Story Of Earth's Five Mass Extinctions

    Our world has ended five times. More specifically, there have been five so-called ‘mass extinctions’ in the history of the Earth, wiping out animal life and re-shaping the planet each time. A science journalist and author takes us on a tour of those events, and talks about what the future could potentially hold for the planet.

  • Women Hold Few Top Posts In The Trump Administration

    A majority of top positions in President Trump’s administration are occupied by men with few women in key positions. We’ll speak with Lilly Goren of Carroll University about what that could mean for policy moving forward.

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