State Legislative Priorities, New Report Examines Potential Threats Of Pipeline Expansion, Gender-Specific Toys More Common Now

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A new report from the National Wildlife Federation shows how pipeline expansions in the Great Lakes region could threaten wildlife and other natural resources. We learn about how Wisconsin’s wilderness could change from the lead author of the report. We also talk to a reporter about the priorities Wisconsin Republicans are setting for the upcoming legislative session, and we talk to a guest who says toys are more separated by gender now than they were 50 years ago.

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  • What Wisconsin Republicans Are Saying About Priorities For The Upcoming Legislative Session

    Wisconsin’s Assembly Speaker has laid out his priorities for the upcoming legislative session, including school accountability, keeping a closer eye on UW-System professors, and NOT pushing through right-to-work legislation. A reporter who covers state government gives a rundown of the top Republican issues for 2015.

  • New Report Looks At Threats Posed To Wildlife By Pipeline Expansions In Wisconsin

    Expansion of tar sand pipelines in the Great Lakes region could pose numerous threats to wildlife and other natural resources. That’s according to the author of a new report, who discusses his concerns over what these expansions could mean for Wisconsin’s flora and fauna.

  • Are Toys Too Gendered These Days?

    Although we may like to think that we have moved beyond gender stereotyping, our guest says toys today are more gendered than they were 50 years ago. We’ll find out what she believes are the implications of the “color coding” of children’s toys.

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  • Veronica Rueckert Host
  • Cynthia Schuster Host
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  • Cynthia Schuster Producer
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