State Calls For Foxconn Renegotiations, More People Could Be Making The Move To Rural Living During Pandemic

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Equipment at the Foxconn construction site
Equipment has been moved to the Foxconn construction site in Racine County ahead of planned groundbreaking. Chuck Quirmbach/WPR

Foxconn has fallen short of fulfilling the goals set in their original contract signed three years ago. We talk with a guest about how Foxconn’s plan has changed since the original proposal and what the state’s demands for renegotiation might mean for residents. We also talk with a rural sociologist about what motivates people to move from a more urban area to rural living and if the pandemic may be causing more people to consider the country life.

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  • What's Next For The Foxconn Project After Wisconsin Says It Wants To Renegotiate?

    The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation says Foxconn missed its hiring targets in 2019 and should renegotiate its contract with the state. We look at how the scope of the project is changing, how it aligns with Foxconn’s business history, and what happens after public incentive deals are reworked.

  • Smaller Towns And Country Living Gain Appeal To Some During Pandemic

    While the pandemic has complicated many things, for some it has fast tracked things they were thinking about doing. For some people, that meant making the move to rural living. While we don’t have any hard data on just how many people have chose to do this recently, we do have data that shows this happening over recent time. We talk with a rural sociologist about who’s moving, what’s driving that move and what that means for the communities and those who already reside there.

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