State Budget Update, Root Beer Museum

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A new museum in Wisconsin Dells celebrates the state’s role in the history of root beer. We talk with the curator about what’s in the museum’s collection. We also check in on where the state budget process stands after the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee signed off on a Republican-backed plan.

Featured in this Show

  • An Update On The State Budget Process

    The upcoming state budget is now in the hands of the full Legislature after the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee finished its work last week. We look at what’s in the plan, including a $3.4 billion tax cut, a boost for public schools, and more.

  • One Of Wisconsin's Newest Museums Celebrates Root Beer History

    The Museum of Root Beer, now open in Wisconsin Dells, features thousands of bottles, mugs, tap handles and more artifacts from root beer brands around the country. We talk with the people behind the museum about what’s on display and the role Wisconsin played in the soda’s evolution.

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