State Budget Update, Harvey Is A ‘Thousand Year Flood,’ Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten

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Pre-Kindergarten education is becoming more popular, but quality between programs can differ significantly. Our guest shares what makes a pre-K education great and whether we can make it available to all families. We also get an update on the budget and transportation deal passed by the state’s Joint Finance Committee yesterday. Plus, we learn why experts are classifying the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey as a “thousand year flood.”

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  • UW-Madison Scientist: Nothing In Historical Record Rivals Hurricane Harvey's Flooding

    Hurricane Harvey was a 1-in-1,000-year flood event, according to new calculations by the University of Wisconsin’s Space Science and Engineering Center at UW-Madison. The research scientist who mapped this calculation explains why Harvey’s record shattering rainfall over Southeast Texas and Louisiana was so devastating.

  • Can We Make Great Pre-Kindergarten Available To All?

    Pre-Kindergarten or pre-K programs are a popular early childhood education option, but programs across the country can differ in quality significantly. Can high-quality pre-K be made available to all children? A guest author and child development expert talks about the successes of pre-K education in America, how it can be made even better, and how access can be improved.

  • An Update On The Budget Committee, Which Just Ended The Road Funding Standoff

    On Tuesday, Republicans on the state legislature’s budget committee passed a transportation package, solving one of the biggest road blocks to passing a budget. We get an update on what’s in the transportation package as well as the latest action in the budget committee.

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