State Budget Deadline, Black Women Working Harder Without Gains, What’s Next For Democrats

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A new study finds that African-American women are working more than women of other ethnicities, voting in strong numbers, and getting more education, but not seeing economic gains. One of the researchers is with us to share why this is and what could change the trend. We also hear what continues to delay a deal on the state budget, with the previous budget set to expire by the end of the week. Plus, a discussion on what’s next for the Democratic party’s message after losing a special Congressional election in Georgia

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  • Why The Wisconsin Legislature Won't Make The Budget Deadline

    Wisconsin’s two-year state budget expires on June 30, but there are still several sticking points within the legislature, and between lawmakers and the governor. We get the details with WPR’s Capitol Bureau Chief.

  • Black Women Not Seeing Economic Gains Of More Work, Voting

    New research finds that African-American women are more likely to be in the workforce than other women, are gaining education, and have some of the strongest voting numbers of any group. However, they are still among the most impoverished people and their earnings lag behind other women. A researcher is with us to talk about the causes for the disparity and what could be done to improve the outlook.

  • What's Next For The Democrats?

    Following Democratic candidate Jonathan Ossoff’s loss for Georgia’s 6th congressional seat, party members are trying to regain their footings and figure out what’s next for the party. University of Wisconsin’s Barry Burden joins us to talk about what the future could hold for the Democrats.

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