State Budget Analysis, Science Communication, Trump And The American Psyche

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The state’s Joint Finance Committee approved a budget yesterday that now heads to a vote in the Assembly. We discuss the tax cuts included in the plan. Some critics of President Trump have called his mental health into question. We talk with a psychologist who says that the more important issue is where the psyche of American society stands in a starkly polarized time. As Hurricane Irma threatens Florida just weeks after Hurricane Harvey, a weather expert talks with us about the art of communicating science, and why doing it right matters.

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  • Analysis Of The Budget Committee's Action On Tax Cuts

    On Wednesday night, the state legislature’s budget committee voted to reject Governor Scott Walker’s proposed income and sales tax cuts. The governor had proposed a $200 million income tax cut and a $22 million back-to-school sales tax holiday. The committee also rejected the governor’s proposal to increase the earned income tax credit. We get analysis from the President of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

  • The Art Of Science Communication

    As hurricane Irma threatens the United States, a leading science communicator and host of Weather Geeks on the Weather channel joins us to talk about the art of science communication, and why it matters.

  • A Psychiatrist Weighs In On The Nation's Psyche, Rise Of President Trump

    Earlier this year, some mental health professionals called for President Trump removal from office citing mental illness. As speculation continued on this topic, our guest psychiatrist wrote a letter to The New York Times earlier this year saying that while he thinks the president is, quote, “badly behaved,” he isn’t mentally ill. Rather, he says, the real question the country faces is this – what does the rise of Trump say about us and our society’s health? Join us for a discussion about this topic and consider the challenges our politically polarized nation faces.

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