Starbucks union pushback, Dog breeds and personality

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Starbucks sign in window
Starbucks workers in Plover and Oak Creek said they had majority support among employees to unionize. It follows the company’s first successful unionization drive in Buffalo, N.Y. David Zalubowski/AP

A UW labor professor tells us how unionization efforts at Starbucks are affecting non-union workers. We learn about new research that shows a dogs breed has little to do with its personality.

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  • Starbucks plans to increase wages, training for employees not involved in unions

    Starbucks said earlier this May that it plans to increase wages and training hours for employees at corporate-owned locations who are not unionized workers. An expert on labor unions tells us about Starbucks’ new wage plan and how unions affect employees who aren’t involved in them.

  • Your dog's personality doesn't have much to do with breed, according to canine behavior new research

    You may have a protective German Shepherd, a needy Dachshund, or a friendly Labrador. But a new study on canine genetics found that dog breed has little bearing on personality, and is much more significant in determining looks. We hear from people around Wisconsin about whether their dogs’ demeanors fit the breed.

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