Stanley cup craze, Civics education in Wisconsin, Language learning

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High school teacher Natalie O’Brien, center, hands out papers during a civics class called “We the People,” at North Smithfield High School in North Smithfield, R.I., Mar. 8, 2017. Steven Senne/AP Photo

A consumer psychologist explains how Stanley cups came to dominate social media feeds. Then, we hear about a new civics education bill put forward by the Wisconsin legislature. Also, Wisconsin’s Language Teacher of the Year offers advice on learning a new language.

Featured in this Episode

  • The Stanley cup craze, explained

    Insulated water bottles made by the brand Stanley have seen an explosion in popularity and are taking social media by storm. We talk to a consumer psychologist about why products like this become fads and what draws people to buy them.

  • New civics education bill introduced in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin legislators recently introduced a bill that would institute civics requirements for high schoolers and call for the Department of Public Instruction to develop a K-12 civics curriculum that emphasizes patriotism. We hear from a DPI official and an education expert about the bill and the current state of civics education in the state.

  • Learning a new language

    Embarking on learning new language can be fun and rewarding, but it’s easier said than done. A language teacher offers advice for getting started and keeping up with it.

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