Spring Elections Could Turn State More To The Right, When Did ‘Elites’ Become An Insult, Recap Of Obama Farewell Address

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President Obama gave his farewell address to the nation last night, a tradition that has been practiced by every American president. We get a recap of his speech. While much lower profile, a guest says that Wisconsin’s spring elections could continue the state’s shift to the right. And a history professor looks at the path that has taken the word “elite” from positive to negative.

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  • Guest Says Wisconsin's Upcoming Spring Election Could Move State Even Further Right

    Our guest makes the argument that Wisconsin’s upcoming spring elections could continue what he calls the “Red Tsumani” of 2010–Wisconsin’s shift to the right politically.

  • Has The Word 'Elites' Become A Four-Letter Word?

    With the political rhetoric of 2016 fresh in the rear-view mirror, our guest looks at the word ‘elites’ and how it’s become a four-letter word.

  • Obama Says Goodbye, Warns Against Threats To Democracy In Farewell Speech

    President Obama gave his farewell speech in Chicago last night as the nation prepares to close one chapter and begin a new one under President-elect Donald Trump. In his speech, Obama talked about policy currently being debated on the Hill, like healthcare, and also talked about race, diversity, and threats to democracy. We recap the highlights with a presidency expert.

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