Spider stereotypes, Connecting with nature

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Aerial view of the Pelican River Forest in northern Wisconsin
The Conservation Fund purchased 70,000 acres of the Pelican River Forest in northern Wisconsin from the investment firm The Forestland Group. The purchase aims to set aside land for recreational use and logging for years to come. Jay Brittain/The Conservation Fund

There’s a lot of fearful and incorrect information about spiders in the media. A Wisconsin spider expert talks with us about common misconceptions. We also talk with a Swedish author about how residents of Nordic countries prioritize unplugging and getting in touch with the natural world.

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    What do spiders do in the winter? Should we be scared of brown recluse spiders? An arachnologist joins us to break down spider misconceptions.

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    We learn about friluftsliv, the outdoors cousin of the popular Scandinavian coziness lifestyle hygge.

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