Spending Bill Passed, How To Empower Girls To Be Funny, Dining In Cookbook–Legumes

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A new cookbook aims to combine elevated flavors with cooking basics. We talk with the author about her recipes that are not too plain, but not painfully elaborate with a focus on recipes using legumes. We find out how to empower girls to be funny, and why it’s important. Then, we break down the spending plan passed early this morning by Congress.

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  • Spending Plan In Place After Brief Government Shutdown, But What's In It?

    After a long, long night, Congress has officially passed a spending bill to fund the government. But getting to that point was anything but easy. Thanks to a one-man protest from Republican Senator Rand Paul, Congress actually missed a midnight deadline to vote on funding, resulting in a brief government shutdown. Lawmakers then voted in favor of the plan, with President Trump signing the bill into law hours later. We break down what happened at the Capitol last night and this morning, and dig into what’s in the spending bill.

  • Humor As Empowerment For Young Girls

    There’s an increasing focus on ways to help young girls feel empowered to chart their own path, and our guest says that one of the best ways to do that is to let them be funny! She joins us to talk about the value of humor to girls and how parents can help cultivate it.

  • Food Friday: Making Lentils And Beans Shine In Dishes

    The humble pulses–beans, lentils, and more–don’t get a lot of love on the dinner table but this week’s Food Friday guest has some recipes that will make you rethink beans. Alison Roman, author of Dining In, joins us to talk about beans, lentils, and the joys of home cooking.

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