Solitary Confinement Changes, Sexual Assault Reporting On Campus, Black Lives Matter And The Civil Rights Movement

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The Black Lives Matter movement made waves a number of times in 2015, but where do they fit in the larger picture of civil rights in America? Our guest looks at where the movement has been, and discusses where he thinks it’s going. We also get the latest on the reporting of sexual assaults at UW campuses, and get the story behind Waupun inmates who said they weren’t notified of changes to the state’s solitary confinement policy.

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  • Prisoners Say They Weren't Notified Of State's Changes To Solitary Confinement Policy

    A report shows that some prisoners at a Waupun correctional facility weren’t notified about changes to the state’s solitary confinement policy until months after it was put into place. The reporter who broke the story joins us to discuss her findings.

  • UW-Madison Under Federal Review For Handling Of Reported Sexual Assaults

    UW-Madison is under federal review for its handling of three reported sexual assaults. The review follows complaints to the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.

  • How The Black Lives Matter Movement Fits Into The History Of Civil Rights

    To honor Martin Luther King Jr Day, we look at how the Black Lives Matter movement fits into the larger history of civil rights in the United States with a national race expert.

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